Garden Care Services

I wildcraft my medicinal herbs and flowers, grow a big garden without the use of any toxic chemicals and raise chickens. From city girl to country woman my life has changed so much over the years, and I continue to evolve around sustainability and my growing love for Mother Nature. 

Bonjour! Welcome! My name is Valérie Farcelais, co-founder of Essential Living Matters and as soon as this spring, I will be offering complete garden care services to those who live near Procter, Bc. Contact me by email at or by phone at 415-971-4556 for more information.

Services Offered

Creation of a personalized medicinal flowers and herbs garden

What matters most is to grow what you LOVE! We will go over and determine what can grow well in your area, the space you have and amount of sunshine you get.

Harvesting, processing and packaging your wonderful bounties (herbs, flowers, vegetables & fruits)

Maybe you are just not sure when to harvest or you simply don’t know what do to with your bounties? No problem! I will do it for you or show you my technique. You will see that it can be very simple and much easier than you think! I can also create a personalized mix of herbal teas and spices.

Building raised-beds and compost area, weeding and general maintenance

I started building raised-beds in my garden a few years ago with the hügelkultur and lasagna systems. These methods will provide nutrients for years to come. The main concept is to lay organic matter that you have available like decomposed wood, branches, leaves, manure, compost, grass and top soil. I can also help you start your compost (with the 3 piles method).And, I.m also available to take care of weeding & general maintenance.

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