What a holistic nutritionist does the day after pasture raised/ organic turkey day? Turkey bone broth of course 🙂 Here’s my recipe: http://vfnutritionist.com/bone-broth-101/ Have fun!

Recycling 101

✅keep all your glass jars  ✅buy a roll of colorful masking tape  ✅get a sharpie  Voilà 😉  This way I keep all my herbs, spices, peppers, dry fruits, flours, ect…super fresh and away from plastic! Win win!!😎   

Protein shake rule

***Protein shake rule***NEVER blend your powders at the same time as the rest of your ingredients! Powders are really susceptible to break down if blending for too long! Mix by hand or slowly in your blender and not more than 10 sec. Happy Saturday !