BONE BROTH the super healing food!
Heals the gut
Smooths the joints

Full of minerals
Improves digestion
Boost Immune system
Reduces Inflammation
Find a whole organic/ pasture raised chicken and roast it…
I follow this Yummy and easy to do recipe
Eat the meat and keep everything else for the bone broth (skin, bones and organs)
Now that you have everything..
(I love the crockpot, it is so easy to use!)
Add what you want…
Onion (taste)
Garlic (taste)
Spices (I add cayenne, turmeric and oregano (anti-inflammatory properties)
Dry Sea Weed (more minerals)
Dry Medicinal Mushrooms
1 sweet potato (taste)
1 carrot (taste)
You can add a few egg shells for more calcium and a little bit of lemon juice (1/2 cup), this will help the bones to dissolve..!
Cover with water..and make sure to always add a little bit of water during the cooking…
COOK AT LOW TEMPERATURE BETWEEN 36 TO 48 HOURS…!!! The longer the richer it will be!
24- 36 hours later…You have your bone broth…(wow, that was easy!)
FELICITATION..! You just made your first Bone Broth..
Turn off your crockpot
Wait 2 hours
Stain your bone broth, keep only the liquid and disgard the rest…
Your bone broth will keep for a week in the fridge (freeze the rest)
Now what to do with it…
Make a nourishing soup…
Drink it just like that….
Cook your rice or quinoa in it
Give some to your friends and family
Bathe in it…(just kidding…)
Enjoy… it’s truly the perfect healing food!

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