Decadent Body Cream

Bonjour, my name is Valerie Farcelais, Cofounder of Essential Living Matters, Welcome!
I was never satisfied with any skin care products that were available on the market so I decided to create a cream that was free of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrance for myself and my loved ones. After two years of trial and error, I finally perfected my amazing Decadent Body Cream! It’s a two-day process to get this Decadent Body Cream to its delicious whipped texture, but the result is worth every minute of my time.
This decadent body cream will wrap your skin in comforting moisture for immediate relief, then works to regenerate lost moisture and help heal dry, damaged skin, preventing dryness from coming back. It will leave your skin so moisturized and silky you have to feel it to believe it!


Love, Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E & Essential Oils

Contain NO Mineral Oil, NO Petrolatum, NO Silicone, NO Artificial Fragrance & NO Artificial Color.


IMPORTANT: This Decadent Body Cream does not contain any preservatives so it needs to be stored away from direct sunlight and could melt if exposed to temperatures of 90 degrees and above. But don’t worry—even when liquified it still maintains all its luscious benefits!


  • Citrus; a mix of lemon, lime & grapefruit Essential Oils
  • Relaxing Lavender
  • Fresh Mint
  • Sweet Cinnamon; a mix of Cinnamon, Orange & Spruce Essential Oils
  • My latest.. Woody; a mix of Myrr, Mint & Palo Santo Essential Oils


  • 25$ plus cost of shipping
  • 3 and more 20$ plus cost of shipping


This cream is highly nutritious for your skin & hair!

  • Hair & Facial Mask
  • Massage Oil
  • After sun exposure



Kim Cartier, Montreal, Préposée aux Bénéficiaires 

Bravo Val , ton produit sent vraiment bon et hydrate merveilleusement bien. De plus tes ingrédients choisis sont sans aucun doute parfait pour cicatriser le corps sèche de mes mains qui craque durant l’hiver. Merci

Ashley Walker, San Francisco, 

I received your cream last night. I cracked open mine and I’m wearing it now. It’s heavenly!!!!



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