For Seekers of Sustainability!

July 19th at 6pm to July 23th at 10:00am
We want to invite you to our unique concept of retreat on our beautiful land located in British Columbia (45 minutes from Nelson).

4 days retreat where people will…
– Learn how to cook from the garden to table + cook sustainable fish & meat on fire + learn to preserve food (canning, fermentation & dehydratation).
– Learn about holistic nutrition & gardening 
Jason will also guide your meditations in nature to help you to reconnect with the land (3 times a day).
There will also be lake access & sharing knowledge & stargazing under a rain of stars & hiking.
Many other surprises are waiting for you!

Small Groups ONLY (8 people max)
We want to give you some simple tools to bring back home to live a fuller happier life.

3 options will be offered for the 4 days long retreat all included.

1.Private Bedroom with shared bathroom
Room #1 550$ per person
Room #2 475$ per person

2.Army Tent by the creek (Air mattress included)
450$ per person

3.Bring your own tent
350$ per person

Cost will include all your meals some will be cooked with me by you (Snacks will be offered the night of your arrival + light breakfast the day your departure: breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and herbal tea for the period of your stay).

Contact us for more information!

Thank you & we can’t wait to meet you!