What a holistic nutritionist does the day after pasture raised/ organic turkey day? Turkey bone broth of course 🙂 Here’s my recipe: http://vfnutritionist.com/bone-broth-101/ Have fun!

Recycling 101

✅keep all your glass jars  ✅buy a roll of colorful masking tape  ✅get a sharpie  Voilà 😉  This way I keep all my herbs, spices, peppers, dry fruits, flours, ect…super fresh and away from plastic! Win win!!😎   


Education gives empowerment to my clients.. I had the pleasure to teach in a full house yesterday on healthy desserts.. They also learned all about sugar and how to make better choice.. 🙂 Menu (all these recipes will be on my website shortly): 5 Minutes Strawberry Lemon Chia Seed Jam Dairy Free Whipping Cream Chia … More Education…

Beetroot greens

Eat everything.. Do not waste….anything…! Beetroot leafs greens 🙏🏻 ➡️juice or add them to your salad ➡️carry more minerals, vitamins and fiber than beetroot 😄 ➡️very fine source of b-carotene, lutein and zea-xanthin (flavonoids: anti-oxidants) Eat all parts..!!!🍃