UnknownI am a woman, so every month it happens and like many women I often have the impression that I have to take a break from my life. It’s sometimes painful and I, always, feel more tired than usual… (no matter how good my lifestyle is…!)

Last month I read an article on TAMPONS… (big big fan, it’s easy to use and practical…) BUT this article kind of changed my mind for good


Here’s why…

Tampons are mainly made of cotton… and…

Did you know that 84 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed on 14.4 million acres of conventional cotton grown each year in the US.

And also..

The rayon/viscose used in Tampax is made from wood pulp. Last we checked, there were no such thing as rayon trees and trees don’t magically turn into rayon- it takes hundreds of chemicals. The chlorine bleaching of wood pulp is where the greatest danger lies. The process creates chlorinated hydrocarbons, a hazardous group of chemicals with byproducts that includes dioxins, some of the most toxic substances known. There are no safe levels of dioxins, they are impossible to break down and so keep building up in our tissues.

If this is not bad enough…

Now glyphosate, the chemical found in Monsanto’s “RoundUp” herbicide used on genetically modified cotton crops, is being discovered in the vast majority of feminine hygiene products…


It is inarguable that the human vagina readily absorbs chemicals found in tampons. When those tampons are made from GMO cotton — the vast majority of cotton that’s commercially grown — they almost always contain glyphosate that gets absorbed through vaginal walls and enters the bloodstream.

YUK… but now what…

DIVA CUP girlfriends, D-I-V-A CUP..!!!

2015-10-29 12.03.50

I heard about the DIVA CUP a few years ago and tried it… it was messy and turn out to be a horrible experience… and back then I had my Fibroid and the flow of my menstruation was..welll.. really intense…

I tried it again after my surgery… again really messy and horrible…

So I kind of gave up on the idea of being more ecological during my cycle…

A few weeks ago, I was with my girlfriend and we talked about the DIVA CUP again.. (she is a big fan and only swears by it..) OOOOKKKK…

Let’s give that DIVA CUP another chance…

BUT this time I ordered a bigger size… see you can choose between a size 1 or 2.. Size 2 is for women who have had children usually, but because of my history… I decided to go bigger or go home..

WOW… seriously WOW… it was an amazing experience from day one…

DIVA CUP is made of silicon, is reusable and the cup is collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow (no more “OUTCHY” when you take out a tampon too dry..)


I do intense exercise… no leak
First and second day… I changed it 3 to 4 times… and every time it was not completely full… WHAT?? Yes… BIG surprise right there..

Let’s get serious..

First it’s not easy to get the DIVA CUP in at first.. but it’s totally doable

You have to squeeze it (see picture)

2015-11-14 12.26.342015-11-14 12.26.59

Second it’s also not easy to take it out, because you don’t have a string and you have to do it with your fingers..BUT if you just relax you will get used to it, trust me…!


  • Wash your hands with natural soap
  • If you really have to go pee DO NOT try to take it out before… pee first and after you will be more relaxed to do it..
  • If it’s too far in, sit on the toilet, relax, contract your pelvic muscles gently and try again…
  • If it’s too dry.. especially at the end, use a little bit of coconut oil.. VOILA 🙂
  • When you are done with your cycle, clean your diva cup (I personally mix some white vinegar and water and let it sit for a few hours), let it dry and put it back in his bag until next time!

So now where do I get it.. ONLINE 🙂

**USA: Thrive Market 25$ WAIT WHAT? 25$ for the rest of my life?? Hell YEAH.. 🙂 https://thrivemarket.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=diva

**CANADA: Amazon SIZE 1 or SIZE 2

And you can also use these really COOL and quite SEXY panties at the end of your cycle.. and they are also reusable..! Win Win! http://www.shethinx.com

Who says having your cycle can’t be fun ;)?


One good change at a time!


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